Concrete Overlays

Our interior overlays are generally installed using a light gray, self-leveling cement based material. It is formulated to provide us with a “new canvas” that is designed to accept architectural stains and concrete sealers. This provides a perfect palette for designing unique and artistic floors for retail stores. Applications include showroom floors, restaurant floors, hotel lobbies, lofts, condos, and residential homes. 


Interior self-leveling overlays may also be diamond polished to replicate traditional polished concrete floors. Our polished concrete overlay system uses the same cement based material to cover the existing concrete slab.

One or more colors can be added from our color charts. The floor is then polished to a glossy finish. Penetrating sealers are used instead of topical sealers. This means the floor never has to be resealed. These floors capture the beauty of concrete seen in many high-end retail stores.

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