ModernCrete Polished Concrete utilizes the existing concrete slab and applies a progressively finer series of diamond tooling to grind and polish the floor to the desired final finish. The process is completed with specialized equipment to capture the airborne dust. ModernCrete can customize your floor using color and designs ensuring each floor is unique to the facility to which its installed.


Nearly any concrete slab can be polished to meet the needs of your space, whether you’re an industrial, commercial or retail location, business office, or community area. Polished concrete has become the floor of choice for virtually any application. Schools, churches, museums, aircraft hangars, big box retailers, grocery stores, club stores, dealerships, warehouses and factories are examples of facilities with polished concrete.


ModernCrete has the expertise required to install polished concrete floors in all of these facilities and more. Our training and years of experience give us the ability to polish a new concrete slab or the third-generation use of an old concrete floor.

Polished Concrete




Benefits of ModernCrete Polished Concrete:

• ModernCrete PC is 40% harder and more abrasion resistant than untreated concrete floors.

• Cost-effective - ModernCrete PC offers the lowest life cycle cost of any other flooring system.

• Safe - Wet or dry, ModernCrete PC meets or exceeds OSHA slip coefficient standards.

• Beautiful - ModernCrete PC creates a look often mistaken for marble or polished stone


• Tough - Foot traffic, forklift tires, vehicles, pallets, etc. do not damage polished concrete.

• Green - ModernCrete PC is naturally sustainable and can contribute LEED points to any project.

• Low Maintenance - Polished Concrete requires no waxing and stripping to sustain its shine. 

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